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At CEK, we strive to give students a lot of practice making choices in a controlled, protected environment. To learn physical self-defense, we have them practice falling correctly, on mats, so they won’t get hurt if they ever fall on concrete.

When it comes to making choices, we let them experience reality on a small scale, including the experience of consequences, rewarding and painful.

We want them to learn the lessons of cause and effect now when we can keep the lessons safe and the pain minimal. Later, when we can no longer protect them, such lessons can be life-shattering.

We encourage students to plan and take action, even if they are not perfect because mistakes lead to learning and the chance to improve.

We look for opportunities to help them evaluate when they performed skills well and when they were off the mark, when they made good choices and when they didn’t. This approach fosters an understanding of the benefits of sound judgment, honesty, and self-responsibility.

We will inspire your teen to reach for the highest standards to compete in today’s challenging world; Plus earning a black belt really looks great on college admission applications and we know that every bit counts.

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