Meet The Master

Welcome to Competitive Edge Karate!

CEK operates on a basic set of fundamental facts about life, and we believe that these facts can be applied to all people, across time and place.

Excellence and all the important skills and qualities required for living well are habits. They may be learned initially in one setting, but they must be practiced across a variety of settings. For children to live happy lives and become independent, successful adults, they need to learn these certainties.

By memorizing a principle does not mean that a person has learned anything. At CEK, we teach these principles by demonstrating them consistently in our classes. Our objective is to help our student’s figure these truths out for themselves and embrace them for their own lives.

Our goal is to help parents and students transfer the lessons learned at CEK into every aspect of their lives so our students will maintain their Edge For Life..

Kyoshi Roger Dabney

Kyoshi Roger Dabney, the Master Instructor of Competitive Edge Karate, has been in the martial arts for more than 38 years. Kyoshi is a title that is bestowed upon an instructor of the martial arts. There is a ranking system for belts and levels of black belts and there is also a system of ranking for instructors. The title of Kyoshi is the equivalent to the term "Professor".

Kyoshi Dabney has been teaching in Henrico's Far West End for more than 29 years and has worked with the Henrico County School System teaching after school enrichment programs, kid clubs, career days, and he makes an occasional classroom visit at the elementary schools as a guest speaker about martial arts.

Kyoshi Dabney started American Open Style Karate under the tutelage of Danny W. Wilson at the age of 14 in Ashland, VA. He had earned the level of first degree black belt (Shodan) by age 17 and started studying the art of Tae Kwon Do at age 22 under World Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Jeff Smith in Alexanderia, VA at the Jhoon Rhee Institute. He now holds an 8th Degree Black Belt in American Open Style Karate and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Kyoshi Roger Dabney
Roger Dabney - Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award

Career Achievements

    2018 Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award
    2017 Inducted in the Action Martial Arts Magazine and Hall Of Honors
    2016 Inducted in the AMAA Who's Who Legends in the Martial Arts
    2016 Master Glazier Karate Lifetime Achievement Award
    2015 Inducted in the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame; Recipient of the Living Legend Award
    2012 6th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Michael Coles of Coles Martial Arts Academy
    2011 8th Degree Black Belt American Karate Academies under founder Grandmaster Jerry Piddington
    2011 8th Degree Black Belt American Open Style Karate under Kyoshi Danny W. Wilson
    2001-2010 Head Coach with 11 National and 1 World Kickboxing Titles
    2003 The Living Legends Sports Award, presented by Hanshi Jerry Piddington, Jeff Smith, Bob Wall, Don The Dragon Wilson, Joe Lewis and Howard Jackson