Athletic prowess: strength, speed, agility,
hand-eye coordination, endurance, nerve, and power.

Unleash Your Power 

Competitive Edge Kickboxing

Compete against the best version of yourself.

train.Train.TRAIN = RESULTS!

Kickboxing is a total body head to toe workout. Get Results and Look Great!


Kickboxing develops strength in the mind, body and spirit. Have FUN building a Better YOU!!

A Fitness Program for ALL

Whether a beginner or expert you will progress to a heart pounding & breath swallowing cardiovascular workout! Learn and Burn!

Women's Self Defense

to look like a champion

Train With A Champion

Where Kickboxing Meets Self Defense

Kickboxing is an explosive, power endurance sport. Executing kicks and punches, round after round, hitting the heavy bag or boxing mitts challenges your power & endurance. Kickboxing is one of the most physically demanding sports of all.

The skill enhancement portion of your workout will consist of shadow boxing, heavy bag work, focus mitts with a partner and defensive drills.

Learn how to slip and block kicks & punches to improve reaction time and use counter techniques. This is where our championship program prepares the "self worth defending"; If ever needed you can apply these skills and successfully fend off attackers.

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