Combat Hapkido

is a versatile discipline for self protection
and a practical, comprehensive Self Defense System


Combat Hapkido is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline of self-protection that includes an extensive variety of strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, ground survival and disarming techniques. The result is a practical, comprehensive Self Defense system that is enjoyable to learn and truly effective in realistic situations. It is well suited for men and women of all ages and sizes because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential.

Grand Master Pellegrini and Stephen Bartholf

Head of the Combat Hapkido program.

Renshi Bartholf started his martial arts training in 1979, earning his first black belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1988 at the age of 16, under Mike Lince. He has continued his training earning black belts in multiple styles and has been teaching in the Richmond area for over 25 years.

He specializes in Combat Hapkido, an art that is designed strictly for self-defense, involving strikes, joint locks, low lying kicks and pressure points.

Combat Hapkido has become a favorite of Law Enforcement thru out the country and internationally, for its versatility and its ability to be tailored to the individual user.

Renshi has worked with many local Police Officers as well as the FBI and has attended over a dozen training seminars with the systems founder Grandmaster John Pellegrini.