Why Your Child Needs Self-Defense Training

Help stop Bullying!

Today, the dangers our kids face are real and the need for self-defense training is ever increasing. Bullying is on the rise in the United States. New videos surface daily on social media of victims and bullies fighting in our streets. It’s become popular to pick a fight and finish it outside with a phone recording it all. Equipping your child with practical self-defense training can prevent injury.

How to Combat Bullying?

A great first step is making sure that your child’s school has an anti-bullying awareness program. Aside from that, if bullies don’t perceive your child as a victim, they’ll have nothing to target. Mind you, this has nothing to do with how intimidating your child looks, but with how they carry themselves. Instilling confidence in our children will allow them to deter bullies. If your child is strong-minded, they cannot be broken by an insecure person. They’ll have a self-confidence level and positive self-image that cannot be shaken because they genuinely believe in themselves and feel empowered. Martial arts teaches children how to defend themselves against attackers big and small. Students learn to block, move, and defend against punches, kicks, grabs and holds that otherwise could leave them the victim of an attack.

CEK Self Defense

Students develop self-defense skills and learn to look a bully in the eyes and stand up for themselves at Competitive Edge Karate. This is the first key to having the bully back down from a possible fight scenario. Having confidence in self-defense skills and actively practicing them makes each martial arts student less likely to be a victim of bullying and could greatly reduce the chances of severe injury from a bullying instance.

PARENTS: As the saying goes “Nothing Beats Experience”.

CEK is a martial arts center with over 40 years of martial arts experience and an instructor that has taught in the West End of Henrico for more than 29 years. Competitive Edge Karate is a Principle Driven School that develops Confidence, Focus and Discipline through Self-Defense Training. Learning martial arts is the path for creating a positive character and life-improvement skills.


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