Determining personal characteristics, Self-confidence, self-esteem, focus and concentration.


While it may seem there are a tremendous amount of schools to choose from, martial arts programs are not a commodity. Not all private schools are the same although they fall under the label of “private” schools.  Some are better than others as a whole and some are better suited to the individuals needs and experiences.

The point is this: the quality of your experience; the feeling you get from training; and, how confident you are that the school can help you reach your goals are the determining factors.

Martial Arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a number of reasons: as self-defense, mental and spiritual development; as well as entertainment and the preservation of a nation’s intangible cultural heritage.

Studies confirm that teaching experience increases teacher effectiveness.  Experienced teachers have a positive impact on a student’s performance. As teachers gain experience, their students are more likely to do better in other aspects of success beyond the martial arts classroom.

Making the right martial arts school selection is an important decision. All martial arts styles support the development of the following:

  • Personal character. Self-confidence and self-esteem. Focus and concentration. Self-discipline and mental toughness. Physical fitness and Self-defense. However, different martial arts schools who emphasize mostly on martial arts traditions often miss the mark.
  • The practice of martial arts is largely about the development of self-esteem. Therefore, you want to find a martial arts school where the instructors emphasize the effort as well as the result.
  • To build self-esteem, martial arts instructors must acknowledge, recognize and reward the efforts of the student. Some martial arts schools emphasize the effort and others emphasize the result. For students to gain the greatest benefits from martial arts, look for a school that emphasizes the struggle over the accomplishments and successes.
  • Perseverance is the steadfast pursuit of a task, mission, or journey in spite of obstacles, discouragement, or distraction. In contrast, grit is argued to be a trait of perseverance. Grit enables an individual to persevere in accomplishing a goal despite obstacles over an extended period.

To summarize, the two most important criteria in selecting a martial arts school should be these:

  1. Level of emphasis on personal character development and a teaching approach that is focused on building self-esteem.
  2. To evaluate a school against these two criteria, you should discuss them with the school’s instructors. Also, you should observe a class, paying particular attention to what is emphasized and how the instructors teach the classes.
    Competitive Edge Karate’s Self-Defense System was designed with the purpose of Creating Valuable and Positive Change. It is a clear, compelling, principle-driven approach to self-defense training that develops strength and conditioning, confidence in being able to defend yourself and by combining a champion’s mindset with a meaningful message-based approach designed to enhance a student’s overall life skills.  CEK cultivates a student’s sense of self-discovery through self-defense skills.

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