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Learning from Mistakes: Why We Need to Let Children Fail

Kids Learn From Mistakes Written by: Bright Horizons Education Team As a parent, it is tempting to shield children from failure. Here’s why it is important to let kids learn from their mistakes. The moment a newborn is placed in our arms, we love them unconditionally. As they grow, we support them and watch as …

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Why Your Child Needs Self-Defense Training

Help stop Bullying! Today, the dangers our kids face are real and the need for self-defense training is ever increasing. Bullying is on the rise in the United States. New videos surface daily on social media of victims and bullies fighting in our streets. It’s become popular to pick a fight and finish it outside …

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The Value of a Committed, Experience Teacher

A crucial role in student’s development Passionate teachers are distinguished by their commitment to the achievement of their students. Commitment is an essential element of successful teaching. Committed teachers are concerned with the development of their students and they profoundly struggle with how to keep students learning. They cultivate students’ curiosities and interests in learning. …

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How To Raise Resilient Kids

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties and failures. By Meghan Fitzgerald Founder of Tinkergarten® Resilience: I can’t think of a skill more central to learning, emotional health and managing the challenges that life throws at us. Yet according to many psychologists and educators, there has been a decline in resilience among adolescents …

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Raising Mentally Strong Kids!

Kids who are equipped to take on real-world challenges. Forbes Contributor – Sep 18, 2017 Amy Morin Psychotherapist and international bestselling mental strength author Raising mentally strong kids who are equipped to take on real-world challenges requires parents to give up the unhealthy — yet popular — parenting practices that are robbing kids of mental …

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Why Sparring is so Essential to Developing Confidence in Students!

Counter-intuitive training for self-control and self-discipline It might seem counter-intuitive that allowing students to hit and kick each other would actually teach them self-control and self-discipline.  Because we are doing sparring in the intermediate and advanced classes, I wanted to talk about some of the not-so-obvious benefits associated with sparring.  Benefit #1 – Sparring Teaches Physical …

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Determining personal characteristics, Self-confidence, self-esteem, focus and concentration.   While it may seem there are a tremendous amount of schools to choose from, martial arts programs are not a commodity. Not all private schools are the same although they fall under the label of “private” schools.  Some are better than others as a whole and …


A Paradigm Shift in the Martial Arts

Providing martial arts to the students who are shy; display low self-esteem; considered non-athletic;and out of focus. For years, the martial arts industry has provided a safe and disciplined service to build confidence in children and adults. I went to the now legendary Jhoon Rhee Institute in Washington, DC during the mid-80’s. The Jhoon Rhee …

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The Benefits of Martial Arts in Other Sports

Building endurance, mental discipline, balance flexibility, and strength. Benefits of Martial Arts for Other Sports Playing sports as a kid gave me some of my fondest memories growing up. The thrill of competition; the camaraderie among teammates; and, the reward of self-improvement are more often found in sports than not. I grew up participating in …

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