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It is our goal to raise the quality of life for all of our students in every way possible.

Our Curriculum

Competitive Edge Karate’s curriculum is a unique blend of martial arts styles that place a strong emphasis on physical skills and more importantly valuable life lessons.

For Children.

This means a more confident student, which translates into better grades in school, better behavior at home and a Sense of Self-Worth.

For Teens.

This means to help gain a better understanding of how to deal with the complexities in their lives.

For Adults.

This translates directly to the confidence and ability to defend themselves, increased success in personal accomplishments and overall health and wellness.

Our Mission.

Competitive Edge Karate is about more than karate. Using the student's own motivation, we create opportunities for them to learn and practice the physical and mental skills required for success in the martial arts and for success in life.

We train our students for excellence in a controlled, safe environment. Here, they learn how to fall down and get up, how to take risks, learn from mistakes and celebrate successes. They receive opportunities to teach and run classes, to make independent decisions, and they learn how to persevere for the long term. They develop qualities and skills that will serve them well both in childhood and as adults.

Our Edge For Life Principles.

Thank you and Welcome to Competitive Edge Karate. We operate on a basic set of fundamental facts about life, and we believe that these facts can be applied to all people, across time and place.

Excellence and all the important skills and qualities required for living well are habits. They may be learned initially in one setting, but they must be practiced across a variety of settings. For children to live happy lives and become independent, successful adults, they need to learn these certainties.

Just memorizing a principle doesn’t mean that a person has learned how to apply it. At CEK, we teach these principles by demonstrating them consistently in our classes. Our objective is to help our student’s figure these truths out for themselves and embrace them for their own lives.

Our goal is to help parents and students transfer the lessons learned at CEK into every aspect of their lives so our students will maintain their Edge For Life.

Our Culture.

Competitive Edge Karate takes the very best practices in performance based competition martial arts from the ring, to the mat to the masses.

By combining a champion mindset with a meaningful message based approach designed to enhance a student's overall life skills, Competitive Edge Karate cultivates a student's sense of self-discovery through self-defense skills.

From self-defense to self-discovery, uncover the competitive edge that lasts a lifetime.

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